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When I started on my hunt for a new home, in no way was I serious, honestly. I never dreamed of actually leaving the lot with a new home in mind. I was just dreaming at all.. like car shopping when you know you can't afford a sports car. Bo was my salesman and from the start, he made the entire dream come true and the possibilities were endless. Everything I thought to be unreachable was absolutely going to happen and Bo never stopped working until we were happy. He's fantastic and SO TOTALLY patient as our minds changed a trillion times. Buying a new home has to be exactly right or the purpose has been defeated. Settling wasn't an option when working with Bo. We live in our dream home now and I have him and the team at Luv Homes to thank.
I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle on several different occasions and I tell you she's awesome. I would recommend her to everyone. She was courteous and punctual if I had a question she either had a answer or would get the answer. She did what she said she would do. Thank you Michelle for being such a wonderful, sweet and kind person. My parents are so happy with their new home. They can't stop talking about how this was their 3rd mobile home and the best experience out of the three. It was ready before the date they were given, delivered when they was told it would be delivered and setup so quickly that they had to wait on the furniture they ordered before they could move in. Once again thank you so much.
Rhonda C.
A dream came true when our new home was delivered. Want to say a huge thank you to Josh Davis for making our dream a reality, my family is finally where we belong and we couldn't have done it without you. May you forever be blessed.
Bland C.
When I got there and walking around it (our new home) I just started crying. Thank you for everything you have done to make this happen, I'm crying just trying to tell you how much you have changed our lives. I don't really know what the words are to say, you have truly changed our lives, and we will never forget that.
Jason and Mollie H

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